The « why » of this website is to bring joy, to share it with the world, to play with it, live it, feel it. Open hearts and minds to the simple idea, that what we are most longing in our lives, resides in the center of our beings. Feel your joy and share it, the world needs it.

This website honors the joy within, through images, articles and essays and maybe one day through other creative endeavors.

For the moment let images and words will be our messengers.

To tell you a bit about me, after many years in fashion with my blog Violeta Purple and advertising observing these industries through most of their imagery carry unrealistic standards of what we should look like, dress like, act like, many times nourishing our insecurities and what we think we are missing, I decided it is time to celebrate and share the true beauty that exists in us and around us, awaken our minds and hearts to this reality. Regular people that are beautiful inside out and many times have an inspiring story, some totally unknown and some famous, at the end we are all the same inside.

 My photos and words humbly have this mission to share their portrait and story.

I hope when you visit the site you remember the magic and joy that reside in you, own it and share it.

I am currently in Paris and travel often if you would want to become one of the faces of the project for any reason, your look, your story, your smile or one of someone you know, don’t hesitate to contact me, the world is waiting for you.

For consulting in communication with a purpose you can contact me here.

Thank you for your visit.

Be Extraordinaire,