Do What you Love


Joy sometimes goes beyond a smile it is connected in a blissful way to something inside, connecting to that thing in you that expresses something outside, like music wether it is playing an instrument or singing, you become one with the music, I am not a musician but I can see it in some people and it touches my heart, it is like seeing the divine work live.

And this was the case when I saw Tom Ward playing at Isle Saint Louis in Paris  with his quirky look and what you would think is a battered guitar that actually is an instrument of magic. Tom just came from Sidney in his words, he arrived four hours ago, and did not have much sleep, no one would tell , because he showed up fully to play at the “Fete de la Musique”  that takes place every June 21st in Paris to celebrate music and the beginning of summer. Then he does festivals in Avignon, Edinburgh and plays in streets all over Europe, as this is his passion and where he gets his inspiration, selling also his cd’s which many of us buy without hesitation as how he plays and what he plays is unique, he is inspired by the best in the world and creates his own sound, no copy catting, we want to take his music home.

Later googling him I found out that he was a finalist at Australia’s got talent and there are many videos uploaded on youtube of his multiple street performances around the world, calling him from genius to virtuoso, not by chance.  What a gift and inspiration to find someone like that in the street , sharing his gift and inspiring us to find ours and share it with no hesitation 🙂 as lights up the world.

If you would like to know more about him go to his Facebook page or youtube.

Do what you Love and Share it.


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