Be Joy


Some of the best things happen by chance, some of the best pictures happen by chance, this is Maddie the sister of a my dear friend Ella, they live in London and came to visit last summer and as I was starting this project, I asked them if I could take their photo,  you will soon see Ella, both are beautiful, intelligent young women. Maddie is the personification of Joy and Beauty, it was inspiring to me as a woman and photographer see how someone can do gracefully be herself with confidence and fun, an image that many young girls should look up to , instead of the ridiculous advertising that we see constantly, for example HM, I find it ridiculous the images they use, who? of their target market identifies with them, I hope one day the advertising and fashion industry dare to use to true beauty and joyfulness to connect with us, inspiring us to simply be ourselves, because this exists in all, the more we see it around, the more aware we will be.

Love and Light,

Yavidan Violeta




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