The Joy Project


I was researching for a campaign proposal the work of National Geographic’s photographer Steve McCurry, different from most his ethnic portraits that make us travel around the mazing world we live in, this one was taken on a hospital in India, it moved my heart, and as I write this I feel the tears in my eyes, as I live my life thinking of possible things to do with my life, projects to undertake, paths to chose, as I sometimes stand motionless in doubt and indecision, I see this photo and my heart sings, I wants me  to jump up and down and tell me, “look at the joy of birth” birth of new possibilities. A new venture is indeed like a baby, a brand new life, a brand new era of possibilities, no matter where you are in your life, the promise of birth ore re-birth are always there, It is in the moments when we decide to jump into our lives that we are fully alive, fully present , fully in that joy, that baby in that photo is just happy to be alive, happy to breath, to be cared, he knows everything will be all right, he is not worried about what anyone thinks of him, of if he will be good enough, beautiful enough, he is just “being”, he is happy to be “him and in no words, just a simple image he teaches us so much about life, and he is a day or two old, we think he is beginning but no , he is exactly in that place that we are trying to reach, that as adults we are trying to find behind all the things, the relationships, the jobs we are running all over to find what lies within us and we feel empty, as for the baby he is not empty, he is on looking for anything, he is happy, he is whole, he knows it deep down.

This picture is my perfect start for the Joy Project, a celebration of people and life, as a creative and photographer I want to celebrate life, celebrate joy, celebrate the spark that resides in all of us , the spark that shines between moments and wants to stay most of the time but we are afraid to let it stay, who are we to be be in joy, radiance, completion and wholeness? We ask in our minds?  Who are we to be free from all the stupid things society has programmed us to think, the media, the “friends”, teachers and anything in between , that tell us we are missing something or someone, that we are not enough because some invented standard, who are we to know, that we are perfect as we are? That true joy and happiness start with that realization no matter who you are and where you are you are perfect, if you make this your truth you will be in peace and joy, what you need will come to  you naturally wether is people, circumstances, the job, the money, it will all flow naturally, trust me. I know.

Find a picture like this one, to remind you of this truth, to remind you of the joy of being alive, warm your heart, breath and smile, this practice simple practice will bring you back to your truth: you are love, you are joy, you have everything you need to create the life your heart desires.

Love and Joy,


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  1. Thanks a lot Yavidan, what a beautiful sign you bring to us. First, this baby, célébration of life and hope, then your words sound as gentle waves wich refresh heart and soul.merci pour cela.Philippe


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