The Beginning – Joy


There are a few moments in your life where you will understand that everything you lived until now is an ingredient of what you are going to do. It all comes together, if your life was a cake you are collecting some very unique ingredients, to invent your own award winning pastry, that only you can make and put together, when the time will be right, like Steve Jobs said, one day you will connect the dots.

This photo was taken in Arles in 2016 as part of a summer portrait photography course with celebrity French photographer Jerome Bonnet , I have been more into photojournalism since I started photography and my first blog Violeta Purple where took my unique regard to the world of fashion shows, but I never really explored portraits, last year I wanted to start by taking this course, at the beginning I thought my whole course was a flop, story here.  The truth is I thought I was a flop because I was comparing myself to the teacher and the other students, I was trying to be like them, and thinking that what they did was better, when in truth , yes I had things to learn from the teacher and them but I came to learn not to imitate or belittle my way of taking photos, imagine if Picasso or Dali wanted to be like someone else ( Not that I compare myself with them!!!!, but they inspire me ), my passion in photography has always been simple, I love to capture moments, I thrive to capture the soul of the moment and the person and in my experience it is a magic moment that happens in a millisecond and I have my own way to create it, it is a work in progress :).

To resume my story of Arles, my final exposition was called “States of Being”, I wanted to show different perspective of people’s “beingness” I would call it, and this picture was the most popular and my favourite, because it captures those seconds of joy we all have, I have taken many photos in the last 6 years and many times looking for poses , or the “right angle” I fall in love with the “in between” photos where the person is just themselves and 99% of the time they are smiling, they are in joy, no mask, no pose, just themselves and they look beautiful or handsome .

I decided that moment this is what I want my theme to be, weather it is as a photographer, creative director or designer, I want to transmit joy, reveal it, celebrate it and inject it in anyone who comes cross something I do. Violeta Purple may or may not continue, it is a part of my life that is slowly transforming, but was a key element to arrive here, it made me understand and industry (fashion) that I was passionate about but through getting to know it, I understood what I want to do in it, you will see :).

Think of who you are and the ingredients you have gathered in your life, get inspired and explore what kind of cake you want to create, we are all waiting, don’t delay much to share it.

Love and Joy,

Yavidan Violeta




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